Terror Supply - The Snooty Fox Motor Inn


The LA based duo, Terror Supply will unveil their debut exhibition at Franchise Gallery on Saturday, May 20th. Noted for their striking synthesis of airbrush painting, tattoo illustration, and graphic design, Terror Supply offers a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on the contemporary Los Angeles scene.

Terror Supply, composed of two prolific artists who spent their youth in Mexico City and Los Angeles, grapple with the complex and often overlooked narratives of Chicano lifestyle. Their work is a vibrant testament to their shared heritage, capturing the often paradoxical aspects of everyday life. In a unique twist, the duo's work also incorporates elements of abstract horror motifs. The result is a captivating blend of raw, visceral imagery that challenges the viewer's perceptions of reality.

The exhibition showcases new works, demonstrating the collective's extraordinary range and creative depth. An amalgamation of cultural commentary, abstract horror, and traditional art forms. Their work is both challenging and inspiring, tackling themes that resonate universally while also exploring deeply personal experiences.

The opening reception will run from 5 - 9 PM on Saturday, May 20th at Franchise Gallery, located at 977 Chung King Rd. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the hauntingly beautiful work of Terror Supply.