Bodega x New Era "Earn Your Stripes" All-Star Collection

Ahead of this year's NBA All-Star Weekend, Bodega and New Era have announced a new collaboration that celebrates the hard work, competitive spirit, and individual artistry of streetball players around the world. The collection's name, "Earn Your Stripes", draws a parallel between the reputation and status earned on outdoor basketball courts and the military rank earned in the armed forces. 


Available in fitted, adjustable snapback, and bucket, the collection's headwear comes in olive ripstop and features customizable graphic prints as well as six Velcro NBA team patches. The collection also includes apparel like graphic tees, sweat shorts, vintage field shirts, and a one of one flight suit. 

Limited to production runs of 100, the collection drops Friday, February 16th, exclusively at Bodega's new Los Angeles location. 

Check out Bodega for more info and be sure to check out their new film about the collection, which features Franchise Issue 02 contributor, Project Blackboard.