Beat Cafe / Tokyo Courts zine

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Our good friend Katoman runs Tokyo’s legendary Beat Cafe which has been a home to Franchise anytime we’re in town. Katoman has always welcomed us into his community and shown us around town as only he is able to do. His business has gone through financial struggles due to Covid-19 and is on the final stretch of its kickstarter. We want to make sure it reaches its goal. We’ve designed a new zine to highlight some memorable moments in Beat Cafe, as well as basketball court photos we’ve taken in Tokyo. It’s two zines in one, Beat Cafe & Tokyo Courts, a super limited run available for a limited time for $12.  

*This will be the only item in our shop going towards Beat Cafe’s kickstarter, the rest of the sales will go towards our previously announced efforts for a split fundraiser between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers.