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Franchise 3 on 3

The Official Shirt for Franchise 3 on 3 Basketball Card Game

The date was March 1st, 2015. After watching a full day of basketball, legend has it the Franchise Crew, euphoric and most likely inebriated, discovered three abandoned packs of 1992 Hoops in the back seat of an Uber. It was, most decidedly, a sign from the basketball gods. In that moment, inspiration struck, and together they founded what has now become an iconic card game played across continents, languages and religions. Here's how to play:


Open your pack, carefully identifying your top three players based on basketball talent. Hide your hand from opponents as you silently and strategically assemble your team. 


In a series of three rounds, announce each of your selections individually, calling out each player as you unveil them. 


Once all teams are unveiled state your case as to why your is the superior squad weighting the advantages and disadvantages of each team. Collectively crown a champion who will take home bragging rights. If a consensus can’t be reached an outside expert can be called in to determine the winner. 

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